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If your child is starting school, learning this application can help you.Your child learn while having fun.ALPHABET Complete alphabet and illustrated A-Z, children can learn to speak and write each letter.Alphabet activities are: - "We will complete the straight. Drag the letters to the right places".- "Click the correct letter".- "Let's find the first letter".
NUMBERS Children can also learn to speak and write the numbers 0-20 and even counting on fingers of 0-10.The activities of the numbers are: - "We will complete the straight. Drag the numbers to the right places".- "Click the correct letter".- "Let's see if you learned how to count".
SIGN LANGUAGE Contains the entire alphabet in sign language. Sign language activities are: - Memory game.- "Let's find out the letter".- "Let's find out the signal".
VOWELS AND CONSONANTSPresents for the children the group of vowels and the consonants, with activities to train where to use each letter.The activities of the vowels and consonants are: - "Click on a vowel to complete the word".- "Click on a consonant to complete the word".
GEOMETRIC SHAPESTeaches how to talk and draw the 4 main geometric shapes (square, circle, rectangle and triangle) giving examples of objects that have these forms.The activities of the geometric shapes are: - Memory game.- "Click the right way".- "How has this object?"
ANIMALS The children can learn the names of animals and sound that they make. Are 52 animals with real image.The activities of the animals are: - Memory game.- "Find out what animal". - Illustration to color.
COLORSAre 12 colors, the most popular, with 2 examples of each (which can help the child to differentiate one from the other).The activities of colors are: - "Click the correct color".- "What color is this [example]?". - Blank canvas to draw, talking about the name of each color to choose.
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTSAre 30 musical instruments. Teach the name of each instrument, with real image and the sound each does (2 samples for each instrument).The activities of the musical instruments are: - Memory game- "What instrument does that sound?" - Illustration to color.
Liked it?And all in a single application absolutely free!Available in Portuguese, Spanish and English.
I'm sure your child will love!